This Isn’t Control

Control: the situation of being under the regulation, domination, or command of another.

To be in control is having the certainty and freedom to have reign of any given situation. The single greatest threat to success is losing control. In order to regain control, we must sometimes relinquish it.  But the most dangerous truth of all is that control is merely an illusion.

…But This Isn’t Control.

this isnt controltp



In a world filled with anxiety and mistrust, rage and hatred allow for a sheath of despair to cloud the mind.

This is a curse.

We often forget about the beauty in all things simple.

This is hope; Born from wishes.

When we are faced with obstacles it is like being trapped in our very own labyrinth. The feeling of not knowing where one is headed is a theme many can identify with. Confusion, panic, and fear are some of the emotions one may feel while trying to find ones way. The solution to the maze, as well as in life is patience, hope and a clear mind. Practice these things and the path becomes visible.

Labyrinth is a 9 piece collection that tells the story of colour in a black and white world.

F/W 2014 Collection

Fear and Loathing

Fear and Loathing is a collection of 6 pieces by Julien Hughes being shown on Saturday March 8th at Calgary Fashion Week. The collection tells a tale of self-loathing, despair and ultimately redemption. The message conveyed in the six pieces is not one of sorrow but one of contentment. It’s purpose is not to shine light on the negative aspects but more so,  coming out of that. The collection may be called Fear and Loathing, but the focal point is not as the name suggests. It is about leaving the fear, the self-hatred behind and in turn taking a path of absolution.

The sixth and final piece of the Julien Hughes Autumn/Winter2014 collection; ‘Fear and Loathing‘  suggests a sense of liberty, both physically and mentally. After viewing the collection from start to finish, the last word Julien Hughes wants to broadcast is Freedom.

“Freedom: The power to determine action without restraint.”


Calgary Fashion Week Preview Show !

Im excited to post the information for Calgary Fashion Week.

Date: March 8, 2014

Location: Hotel arts Calgary

* Doors open at 6:00pm
* Show starts at 7:00pm

* Front Row VIP $100 (with assigned seats)
* Seated VIP $75
* General Standing $50

Featured Brands:
ZE ZANO, Designer Youlea Zilkowsky
* Alla Allure – Designers Alla Weinberger & Polly Ikan
* Julien Hughes – Designer Jonathan Hidalgo
LaRegalia – Designer Bushra Malik
* A.M.K – Designer Alex Krewiak
Averynthe – Designer Mark Abenir
* Lionette – Designer Jessica Armstrong

A Sneek Peek

Here is a sneak peek and behind the scenes look at a photo shoot for my fall/winter 2014 collection that will debut in Calgary Fashion Week in March 2014.

Collection: A swan song fall/winter 2014

Designer: Julien Hughes

Model: Robyn Thomas

Hair & Makeup: Anny Gritton

Lighting and Equipment: David Mackenzie

Photographer: Jonathan Hidalgo

Click Here to See the video 

Promo Pictures Coming Soon.


A little Something In The Mail

A small package arrived in the mail today. My business cards are here and ready to be handed out! I used an online source to make them.  was the site i used. They have a wide selection of templates and varieties, such as glossy, matte, rounded corners, etc.  You can also upload your own images if you choose. The printing and shipping process was very fast. It took about a weeks time. The pricing is very affordable. Im extremely happy with the result.

Julien Hughes Business Cards

Introduction to Calgary Fashion Week.


YycFashionWeek had an introduction party for Calgarys very own fashion week. The white party took place Saturday February 1st 2014. Held at the Shoot-me Studio, the white party was intimate and very interesting. From photographers taking your picture to the unique fashion presentation held periodically there was always something new to look at. Everyone was dressed from head to toe in all white, a very winter wonderland feel. The presentations included styling from various different people including Raul Manriquez, and clothing from Calgary’s Queen boutique in Kensington. The models were exceptional in showcasing the pieces.  There was a certain section where the styling had very bohemian chic elements. Over all YYC Fashion Week put on an excellent kick off to Calgary fashion week happening in shortly in March. Below are some pictures of the event. Photography Credits: Courtney Borgford

1622861_520559711390681_1570038936_n-1 1655900_522499481196704_1344271047_n 1661700_522347514545234_1934614090_n 1779687_520559748057344_562609285_n