Introduction to Calgary Fashion Week.


YycFashionWeek had an introduction party for Calgarys very own fashion week. The white party took place Saturday February 1st 2014. Held at the Shoot-me Studio, the white party was intimate and very interesting. From photographers taking your picture to the unique fashion presentation held periodically there was always something new to look at. Everyone was dressed from head to toe in all white, a very winter wonderland feel. The presentations included styling from various different people including Raul Manriquez, and clothing from Calgary’s Queen boutique in Kensington. The models were exceptional in showcasing the pieces.  There was a certain section where the styling had very bohemian chic elements. Over all YYC Fashion Week put on an excellent kick off to Calgary fashion week happening in shortly in March. Below are some pictures of the event. Photography Credits: Courtney Borgford

1622861_520559711390681_1570038936_n-1 1655900_522499481196704_1344271047_n 1661700_522347514545234_1934614090_n 1779687_520559748057344_562609285_n


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