F/W 2014 Collection

Fear and Loathing

Fear and Loathing is a collection of 6 pieces by Julien Hughes being shown on Saturday March 8th at Calgary Fashion Week. The collection tells a tale of self-loathing, despair and ultimately redemption. The message conveyed in the six pieces is not one of sorrow but one of contentment. It’s purpose is not to shine light on the negative aspects but more so,  coming out of that. The collection may be called Fear and Loathing, but the focal point is not as the name suggests. It is about leaving the fear, the self-hatred behind and in turn taking a path of absolution.

The sixth and final piece of the Julien Hughes Autumn/Winter2014 collection; ‘Fear and Loathing‘  suggests a sense of liberty, both physically and mentally. After viewing the collection from start to finish, the last word Julien Hughes wants to broadcast is Freedom.

“Freedom: The power to determine action without restraint.”



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