Who is Julien Hughes ?


Julien Hughes is not a person but a creation. It is a brand taking it’s first breath. It is a simple statement and someones view of women’s fashion. Everyone has the ability to express themselves  using a variety of tools in todays world. Julien Hughes is an outlet for creative expression- an alter-ego in a sense. But who’s view is it? and who does the alter ego belong to?

Dominican Republic born and Calgarian raised, Jonathan Hidalgo is the latest name to hit the fashion circuit in Canada. With a fresh outlook influenced by current trends in todays modern society, from music to movies to anything inside the box and out. He has a unique design style focusing on women’s evening wear that make for visual stimulation.  Attempting to push the envelope with couture inspiration is what this designers vision is about. Jonathan’s styles are sure to add originality, flare and possibly some eyebrow raises along the way. After living in Vancouver for 4 years and graduating from Blanche Macdonald, Jonathan has made his way to Toronto, Ontario to make a splash in Toronto’s fashion scene ultimately conceiving what is now Julien Hughes.


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